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Vulcanet is a multi-purpose ‘wet wipe’ that will clean every part of a motorcycle without water, brushes or expensive cleaning solutions, for fast and effective bike cleaning. Developed by the French manufacturer’s in-house research laboratory, the concept of Vulcanet wipes may be simple but both the manufacturing process and the formula are complex, which is why they won the 2008 Innovation award and are covered by an International Patent Each woven fabric cloth is impregnated with a formulation that includes a powerful shampoo, tar-removal agent, glass cleaner, wheel cleaner and insect remover. The honeycomb structure of the fabric captures micro particles with gentle wiping. Combined with lubricant in the formulation it works like a conventional sponge and water. The solution also contains paint and plastic reviver plus anti-smear elements. After washing with the wipe, buffing with a microfibre cloth heats special wax ingredients within Vulcanet to create a protective water and UV repellent film on the bodywork for a showroom shine and finish that lasts. Vulcanet is safe to use on all metal, plastic, polished and glass surfaces, as well as leather, vinyl seating, and rubber. Because it is made from natural ingredients there is no need to wear protective gloves either. Three to four Vulcanet wipes may be required for the first complete wash, but after that two should be sufficient. Supplied in a tub containing 80 wipes bathing in a litre of solution, plus a professional grade microfibre cloth

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