Tyre Warmers

Wheel size 120/180 R17" and 120/190 R17" will suit 600-1000cc motorcycles Technology Nomex,Kevlar; GE RTV 133 Glue; GE Silicon Covered Nickel-Chrome heating wire 2.5mm; Precision thermostat made in USA; Precisely controlling tyre surface temp vibration in a narrow range of 174F +/-5 or 75-82 C;Totally different to other manufacturers' "Heat Protector". Kordura super tough surface fabric to ensure life expectancy. Velcro fastenning to help mounting and dismounting; Elastic slingshot(or Spandex) cord to ensure ease of fitting. 1000mm - 2020mm heating area to fit all running tyres; CE certificate by ETS; ETS CE certificate ensures human,safety,performance,consistency and durability. WarmRim Techonlogy: The 79+/- precision thermostat provides 50% more heating time than the "heat protectors". This 50% extra heating time brings the rim temperature to 45 Celsius degrees. The warm rim can keep the tyre staying hot when the bike is sitting on the track waiting to go.

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